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KUMA commitee Paul.jpg

김승철 선생님 DR PAUL KIM


마취통증의학과 Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, Specialist Registrar

Dr Paul Kim is the past president of the Korean Medics in Scotland (KMS), Korean Society in Glasgow, and the University of Toronto Regional Alumni Representative. Educated in UK, US, Canada, and Korea, He has completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto (BSc. Hons.) and medical degree at the University of Glasgow (MBChB). Dr Kim is currently pursuing his career as an Anaesthetic Registrar in the North Central London School of Anaesthesia. Passionate about promoting health awareness within the overseas Korean community, he has organised and delivered various educational seminars, workshops and conferences, with one of his works recognised by the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA). He continues to provide mentorship for the medical students and junior doctors at the University College London Hospital.

Something others don't know about me:

Born in Scotland

Hates taking medicine

KUMA commitee Eunsol.jpg


Vice President

성형외과 Plastic Surgery, Specialist Registrar​

Eunsol graduated from Barts and the London Medical School in 2014. She acquired a BSc in Surgery and Anaesthesia at Imperial College. She completed junior surgical training in
London, Bristol and Swansea. She is currently a specialist plastic surgery registrar in London.

She is passionate about education and is well published in simulated microsurgery.

KUMA commitee Faith1.jpg



성형외과 Plastic Surgery, Core Surgical Trainee

Through my involvement in KUMA since 2015, I have had the privilege to foster new relationships with both colleagues and members of the UK Korean community including charity groups and other professional organisations, actively participating as a proud member of the medical workforce of Korean heritage. I look forward in continuing to be a part of this growing and evolving community.

Something others don't know about me:

My dream is one day to have my own café!

KUMA commitee Sejung1.jpg



마취통증의학과 Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine

Having grown up encased in the London Korean community, I have always appreciated its supportive role for the individuals. KUMA has provided a platform for me to give back to the community that I have benefited from.

KUMA is a unique organisation that facilitates the interaction between Korean doctors, and allows for sharing of experiences and knowledge. I look forward to many more invaluable encounters through this growing organisation.

Something others don’t know about me:

I have had my photos exhibited in London 

Emily Moon.jpg


Membership Officer

피부과 Dermatology, Specialist Registrar

Throughout my medical school years, I was fortunate to have opportunities to work and liaise with Korean doctors and medical students from all around the world. Joining KUMA has been a fantastic way to meet like-minded people, be part of new experiences, share ideas, develop new skills, and reach out to the Korean community in the UK! I’ve been an active committee member of KUMA ever since I qualified as a doctor, and it’s been an exciting journey to witness our society grow and be part of our strong peer to peer support network.   

Something others don't know about me: 

In my spare time, I like to wonder in nature and grow edible plants.

KUMA commitee Sean.jpg

이승훈 선생님 DR SEAN LEE

Student Liaison Officer

응급의학과 Emergency Medicine, Specialist Registrar

4 years ago, I initially joined KUMA as
the Northern England representative to help facilitate networking between Korean medical students and doctors in north and south of England. Since this year, I have taken up a new role as the student liaison officer to ensure effortless collaboration between KUMA and KUMAS. I would also like to represent students and build meaningful relationships with the
budding doctors and support them along their journey.

Something others don’t know about me:

I started playing tennis when I was 7 and at one point in my life, I tried to become a professional tennis player. Now it’s one of the main things that keep me sane!

KUMA commitee Rachel.jpg


Alumni Representative

가정의학과 General Practitioner

Growing up as a Korean immigrant 1.5세, I have always been a part of various Korean communities, such as Korean church, Korean students' academic associations and Calgary Korean Health Advocacy Society. Over the years, I grew to develop a sense of responsibility to take a role as a 'bridge' between the main society and the Korean community. As a doctor in the UK who understands the challenges faced by Korean immigrants, I find my work with KUMA allows me to function well in that role of being the 'bridge'. I find great joy in helping Korean students, junior doctors and most importantly immigrants in the community.


Something others don't know about me:

I have been in the Reserve Force (Military) as a Navy Musician for the past 14 years. I play the flute in the marching band and have played for the British Royal family members, heads of state of many countries including Canada and France amongst many others. In my free time, I love playing piano, badminton and boardgames. 

David kim.jpeg


KMSS Liaison

5th Year Medical Student 

Since the 1st year of medical school, I have had the previlege to meet and work with Korean doctors in Scotland who have provided an immense support both academically and socially throughout my medical school career. I've always enjoyed organising health-related events for Korean students with fellow colleagues in Glasgow. As a new Scotland representative, I am excited to give back to the bigger Korean community particularly in Scotland through KUMA.

Taesoon hwang


Charity Outreach Officer

인턴 Foundation Year 1

I’m pleased to have been introduced to KUMA early on in my training. During the KUMA MT, I had the pleasure of meeting a supportive and selfless group of professionals who have inspired me to contribute to the organisation’s meaningful cause. By working alongside like-minded colleagues, I hope to help expand KUMA’s reach to the wider community, with a particular attention to the Korean population residing in the UK. Having taken various volunteering roles within my local community, I recognise the importance of giving back, and through my involvement with KUMA, I wish to extend my commitment to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

KUMA commitee yang.jpg


Charity Outreach Officer

인턴 Foundation Year 2

There is a quotation from Pablo Picasso that I live by: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”. Although I am yet to find my gift, I know that I really enjoy helping others whether that is through education, charity or even if people just need a little chat. I have joined to share what I have learnt and experienced so that I can encourage others to also share their knowledge and skills.

It is only through consistent interaction and sharing that I believe will build a tighter community that is able to take on bigger and greater things. In order to achieve this, I hope to organise more events that help engage not just the Koreans within the medical/surgical field but to extend that to other Koreans who are living and studying in the UK. I recognise this may take time but if it takes six hours to chop down a tree, the first five must be spent sharpening the axe (Abraham Lincoln).

Hope to achieve: Help organise more charitable events for the Korean residents and students in the UK

Something others don't know about me:

I like to dabble at watchmaking in my spare time! (No pun

KUMA commitee Minho.jpg

이민호 선생님 DR MIN-HO LEE

Academic Officer

정형외과 Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery, Core surgical trainee

I was a longtime member of KoMDUK since my freshman year in 2008, the original student-run organization preceding KUMA. I have always enjoyed being part of this vibrant group of ethnic Korean doctors and medical students, fostering connections, networks and more. I now return as the academic officer in KUMA with a thriving passion for teaching and learning.

My goals for this year will be:

1. Undergraduate support: To create and run an academic department within KUMA with a focus on supporting our current medical students in their final exams.

2. Postgraduate support: To support the junior members of KUMA in their postgraduate specialty membership exams by harnessing the clinical expertise and previous experience present among the wider KUMA committee and members. 

3. Pre-university support: KUMA runs an annual event for Korean school pupils preparing for medical school entry applications in the UK, which I plan to continue as usual with fresh perspectives and direction as entry requirements change and evolve over time. 

Something others don't know about me:

I am a qualified German glider pilot able to fly small engine-free planes! (though usually only in good weather!)

Jiin Youn.jpg

윤지인 선생님 DR JIIN YOUN

Social Secretary

인턴 Foundation Year 2

I love meeting new people and have been craving to do so more than ever since the
pandemic! I hope to bring lots of fun opportunities/ events to the team and meet our Korean fellows across the UK (new and old faces). Look forward to seeing you all soon.

1 thing I hope to achieve this year: Get out of the house more

Something others don’t know about me:

I put finger chillis in everything that I eat

KUMA commitee Sang.jpg


Events Secretary

인턴 Foundation Year 2

I like to think that I am a friendly and approachable individual. I have past experience of being a Rep at University, and also currently as the FY1 Rep at my hospital. I hope to use what I have learnt to aid KUMA grow as a society and work with the team in building a network to best support those currently working as FY Doctors and welcome those who will soon be joining the NHS and KUMA as FY1 Doctors later this year. 

1 thing hoping to achieve this year:

Get annual leave approved so that I can travel to Korea and see my family and dog. 

Something others don’t know about me:

I was born and raised in Southampton, hence why I have an odd accent when I speak Korean. Confusing for some I know, but I assure you its more confusing for me… 

KUMA commitee Minjin.jpg


Mentorship/Education Officer

인턴 Foundation Year 2


I joined the KUMA committee as I wanted to help connect Korean doctors across the UK. As an only Korean in my year during university, being part of KUMA and KUMA-students was a great way to get help and receive support whenever I needed them. Now I hope to serve that role for my juniors, and for my fellow colleagues working as junior doctors in the UK, to make sure that they know where to go to seek senior support. 


Something others don't know about me:

I run an Instagram page (@ukoreanmedic) where I upload photos/videos to capture my daily life as a Korean doctor in the UK. It started out as a study motivation page when I was a medical student, which has now transformed as I continue my journey in medicine as a doctor. Follow me to find out more about life as a junior doctor in the NHS!

Da Wit Kim.jpg

김다윗 선생님 DR DA WIT KIM

Social Officer

Senior House Officer

I am very excited to be part of KUMA committee to serve as the social officer. KUMA seemed an amazing organisation with a variety of opportunities to network with talented members and reconnect to our cultural origins

I hope to continue the great work that KUMA has done so far with aims to expand our network more and make tighter connections with many other Korean doctors with similar passion and ambitions.

Something others don’t known about me:

I’m an avid foodie so feel free to recommend your favourite places!

jin ju

​정진주 선생님 DR JIN JU JUNG

Northern England Representative

인턴 Foundation Year 1


I am very excited to serve as the Northern England representative for KUMA this year. I’ve attended a few KUMA events previously and I’ve met wonderful people who have made me want to become a part of this wonderful community. I hope to aid in the networking and expansion of this organization throughout England and to facilitate in building meaningful relationships amongst Korean doctors in the UK.



Charity Outreach Officer

마취과 Anaesthetics, Core Trainee

I first heard about KUMA through a friend only a year ago despite having lived and trained in the UK for the majority of my life. Having received much help and support from the Korean community during my formative years, I look forward to becoming a part of an organisation that is keen on giving back to the community.

Something others don't know about me:

I don't like heights and I did a gorge swing. Never again. 

Su Yun Kim.jpeg

김수연 선생님 DR SU YUN KIM

Social Media Lead

Gojoseon, the first kingdom on the Korean Peninsula, was established based on its core motto, "Hongik Ingan," which means "to broadly promote the welfare of the humankind."
How amazing is it for such a small country to have such an enormous yet thoughtful vision? I deeply believe that KUMA/S have inherited some sort of this mentality and will from the ancient Koreans. I feel very privileged to be a part of this amazing group of people who are willing to serve the Korean and local communities in the UK and the world in a broad sense with our medical knowledge and experience and humanity.

KUMA commitee Suewan.jpg


Website Lead

​소아외과 Paediatric Surgery, Core Surgical Trainee

I was actively involved in KMDA-UK/KUMAS during medical school. I have very much enjoyed the experience of being able to meet friendly Korean medics in different areas/specialties and getting some advice from the seniors was just so invaluable. During the foundation years (and the start of the pandemic), I was in a small town, barely seeing any Koreans, and I really missed this community. By joining the committee, I hope to get to be a part of this lovely group again. 


Something others don’t know about me:

유연석 in 'Hospital Playlist' is indeed my favourite actor, but that is not the reason why I want to become a paediatric surgeon.



Website officer

인턴 Foundation Year 2

I first joined KUMAS when I was in my 2nd year of medical school. I remember going to my first event and being very surprised at the fact that there are quite a number of Korean medics who understand and share similar experiences and difficulties you face as a Korean studying/working in the UK.

KUMAS/KUMA has been a wonderful community where I was able to meet lots of friends who are very friendly and willing to help.

There is definitely something comforting and special about being part of a group that shares something so unique: being a Korean medic in the UK. My hope is that more people are aware of KUMA and are able to experience being part of this special community.

Something others don't know about me: 

I used to ice skate competitively when I was little, so my favourite time of the year is just before Christmas when cute ice rinks start to open!

SUHYUN .jpeg

​이수현 선생님 DR SUHYUN LEE

Foundation Year 2 Representative

인턴 Foundation Year 2

I am thrilled to be part of an ever growing KUMA family. The amazing work that KUMA does for the community is something to treasure about. I look forward to meeting others who are going through the same path as me and will support them to the best of my ability.

Something others don’t know about me: I love traveling and experiencing new cultures.

Sung min jung.jpeg


Foundation Year 1 Representative

인턴 Foundation Year 1


Hello! I am Daniel (Sung Min) and I am (hopefully) a budding anaesthetist. One fact about me: I was originally planning on pursuing a career in music, but found my way in medicine somehow….

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