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건강의 날

Korean UK Medical Association에서 '건강의 날'을 개최합니다!

​영국에 계신 한인분들을 위하여 NHS 이용법, 건강관리 및 보건 교육, 건강상태 측정, 질환 예방 조언 등 여러 스테이션이 준비되어 있으니 많은 참여 부탁드립니다!

의사분들이나 의대생 중 참여를 하고 싶으신 분은 아래 링크로 알려주세요!


We are excited to announce our 8th Health Awareness Day (HAD), KUMA’s annual community outreach event and academic conference, on the 22nd April. This time we mark a special milestone as KUMA celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

We will start the day with academic seminars and surgical skill station for medical students prior to the main event.


We have consultants from various specialties delivering teaching and talks throughout the day. This will be a fantastic opportunity to get to know KUMA, contribute to the Korean community and network with your future medical colleagues. 

Certificate of participation will be provided to volunteers. 

All the volunteers are also invited for a Korean BBQ dinner after the event! (*Please be minded that £15 non-refundable deposit applies)

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you! 

To find out more about the event and sign up please use the link below:

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