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Health Awareness Day

27 April 2024

This year for KUMA’s annual community outreach event we were joined by pharmacists and specialists doctors from paediatrics, psychiatry and ophthalmology to deliver talks, followed by booths manned by doctor and medical student volunteers including Diabetes, BMI, Blood Pressure, dental checks, drug counselling  and more.

On April 27th 2024, the Korean UK Medical Association (KUMA) hosted its 9th annual Health Awareness Day at the Korean Culture & Arts Centre in New Malden. Themed "Emergency," the event highlighted the necessity for timely and comprehensive healthcare knowledge, showcasing a collaborative approach that involved a diverse array of healthcare professionals.


Expanding Horizons

This year marked a significant expansion for KUMA as it integrated a broader range of healthcare specialists, including nurses, pharmacists, and dentists. This multidisciplinary approach not only enriched the educational offerings but also provided attendees with a holistic view of health and wellness. It was an effort to deepen the community's understanding of healthcare layers, moving beyond basic health tips to a more profound comprehension of good healthcare practices.


Engaging Sessions and Hands-On Health

The day was filled with dynamic sessions covering essential aspects of the UK healthcare system and specialised topics in pharmacy, paediatrics, psychiatry, and ophthalmology. The addition of interactive Q&A sessions was particularly well-received, allowing attendees to engage directly with healthcare professionals, which made the discussions more accessible and engaging.

A standout feature of the Health Awareness Day was the health check-up stations managed by members of KUMA and groups of nurses, pharmacists and dentists. These stations provided valuable health screenings and personalised advice, emphasising the importance of preventive care and encouraging community members to be proactive about their health.


A Community Effort

As the event concluded, the strong sense of community and shared purpose was palpable. The closing remarks highlighted the collective efforts of all participants and the impactful nature of coming together to promote health and wellness. It was a celebration of community and health that brought together people from all walks of life to learn and support each other.


Looking Forward

The success of KUMA's 9th Health Awareness Day sets a promising precedent for future events. It underscores the power of community engagement in healthcare and the positive impact of broadening educational and preventive health initiatives. KUMA continues to be a pillar of support for the Korean community in the UK, providing invaluable resources and fostering a network that champions the health and well-being of its members.

Visit our website to learn more about upcoming events and how you can get involved in future Health Awareness Days.

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Dr Da Wit Kim

Website Content Officer

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