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Our Story

History of the Korean UK Medical Association


The Korean Medical and Dental Association United Kingdom (KMDA-UK) was established in 2006 as an organsiation comprising of Korean medical and dental students and graduates in the UK. Its primary objectives  were to facilitate social networking, to assist with academic achievements and to facilitate professional career development. It was successful in forming a thriving community with over 250 members across the UK.

KMDA-UK initiated the Medical & Dental Application and Information Day for prospective students pursuing careers in medicine and dentistry. This event gained significant recognition and endorsement from the Korean community, and has since evolved into an annual event.


KMDA-UK introduced the Health Awareness Day, with the aim to support and promote health awareness among the Korean community residing in the UK. The program included informative lectures and mini-clinics for Korean residents in New Malden area. This initiative achieved notable success and received highly positive feedback from the community and has since become an annual event.


With the recognition for the need to establish a professional body to better meet the postgraduate needs of an increasing population of doctors practising in the UK, the organisation underwent a transition, separating from its dental and student counterparts.


Korean UK Medical Association (KUMA) was established and convened its inaugural meeting in June 2013. The student body continued under the name Korean UK Medical Association - Students (KUMAS).

Further events were held including the Undergraduate Career Day, Junior Doctors Specialty Day, which featured a unique 'speed dating' format for participants, and its first inaugural KUMA conference in 2014.


KUMA received the Korean President’s Prize, marking a pivotal point in the History of our society acknowledging the service provided to the people of Korean heritage. KUMA is the first as an organisation to receive the Presidential Award in the UK

President’s Award and Presidential Citation Flag Cordon were presented by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea on behalf of President Yoon Suk Yeol in a ceremony hosted at the UK Korean Embassy in November 2023 (refer to Past Events page).


We continue to foster a strong relationship with our student counterpart KUMAS to provide teaching and mentorship, networking and collaborative events to reach out to the community in a positive and impactful way. We have formed relationships with community and other healthcare professional bodies who all work toward the common goal of enriching and giving back to the Korean community in the UK.



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