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Why join us, How to join us, Q&A

The Korean UK Medical Association serves as a professional membership organization for Korean medical practitioners practicing within the United Kingdom. We warmly invite a diverse spectrum of healthcare professionals, ranging from foundation year trainees and out-of-program trainees to consultants.

Why join us?

We welcome individuals meeting the following criteria to join KUMA, fostering a professional and inclusive community:

1. Possessing Korean Heritage

2. Registration under the General Medical Council (GMC)

3. Primarily engaged in medical practice within the United Kingdom


By becoming a member of KUMA, you can enjoy a multitude of advantages, including:


Complimentary KUMA Membership: Access to our professional community at no cost

Networking and Collaboration: Forge meaningful connections with colleagues from all corners of the country

Mentorship and Mentee Opportunities: Engage in mentorship programs that offer valuable guidance and support

Exclusive Event Invitations: Be among the first to receive special invitations to KUMA's exclusive events

Committee Participation: Contribute to the organisation's mission by taking on committee roles and working closely with KUMA's leadership in coordinating annual events

Research Opportunities: Access research opportunities to further your professional development

Serving the Korean Community in the UK: Make a positive impact by being part of an organization dedicated to serving the Korean community in the United Kingdom

And Much More: Explore a host of additional benefits that come with being a valued member of KUMA

How to join us

Your journey with us begins with this simple step: 

Click this link and complete the membership form 


Q: I am a GMC registered doctor but I am currently not in training. Can I still join KUMA?

A: Absolutely! We warmly welcome GMC registered doctors, whether you are currently in training or not. Your experience and expertise would be a valuable addition to our community. We look forward to having you as a member of KUMA!

Q: I am a medical student with Korean heritage studying in the UK. Can I join KUMA?


A: We'll be thrilled to welcome you to KUMA once you have your GMC number. In the meantime, we're closely affiliated with the Korean Medical Student Association (KUMAS), and we suggest you join them.  Your future membership with us is something we eagerly anticipate! 

Want to get involved?

We hold an annual AGM to sign up new, motivated individuals who want to get involved. Please click the link below to be contacted for the upcoming AGM 2023/24.

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