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Our affiliated associations, partners and sponsors

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Korean UK Medical Association - Students

KUMAS is a non-profit medical association representing medical and dental students of Korean heritage studying in the UK.

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Korean Medical Society in Scotland

KMSS is a non-profit group representing British Korean medical and dental practitioners and students in Scotland.

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British Korean Medical Society - Northern England

BKMS represent Korean medical and dental practitioners and students based around Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and beyond.

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Medly Blog - 
Medical Education Project 

Medly is a blog and medical education project run by students and junior doctors in the UK. Medly publishes a range of articles from conference reports to creative writing. 


Youtuber: 닥터고구마 Dr Goguma
[영국의사 Korean in NHS]

Dr Goguma is a junior doctor in the UK. Her Youtube documents her journey rotating through different specialties and gives taster of life as a junior doctor and her involvement in KUMA.


Sponsor: 케이닥 K-DOC

KDOC is a global platform uniting Korean doctors, fostering information exchange, and providing support for those practicing abroad. It aims to offer guidance, safety, and community to navigate challenges for Korean doctors worldwide.

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