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Our Past Events

Our first KUMA Female Leaders’ Luncheon was held to commemorate International Women's Day, together with Korean Pharmacists Association and officials from the Korean Embassy, where we shared our experiences over delicious Afternoon tea. 

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KUMA members were invited to represent the Korean-UK medical community during President Yoon Suk Yeol's State visit to the UK. KUMA was awarded the prestigious President's Award 2023 and Presidential Citation Flag Cordon in a separate ceremony at the Korean Embassy.


Our Christmas social this year was held in an intimate venue in Notting Hill, London where we celebrated the year's achievements and concluded with a heartfelt KUMA Presidential handover.

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This year's Medical and Dental Application Seminar was co-hosted by KUMA and KUMAS. This annual flagship event is a unique opportunity for those aspiring to be doctors or dentists to have an approachable platform to meet Korean medical and dental students and professionals and draw on their experience.


Each year we hold a welcome social for newly qualified Foundation Year 1 Doctors as they embark on their new journey. It is a great opportunity to welcome both familiar faces from KUMAS and also new faces from across the UK.  Click on image to read more:


This year for KUMA’s annual community outreach event we were joined by consultants from Oculoplastics, Orthopaedic Surgery, Stroke medicine and General Practice to deliver talks, followed by booths manned by doctor and medical student volunteers including Diabetes, BMI, Blood Pressure and more. Click on image to read more:


Academic seminars and practical sessions tailored for medical students took place in the morning of the Health Awareness Day, in collaboration with our student division KUMAS. Click on image to read more:

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This networking event aimed to introduce Korean medical students to a wide range of medical and surgical specialties and offer an invaluable opportunity to network with Korean specialty trainees and consultants. Clikc on image to read more:

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Click on image to read more:


KUMA's Membership Training and Academic Conference was held to provide a platform for academic presentations and discourse as well as a warm environment in which to get to know one another through amazing food and games! Click on image to read more:

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