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Medical & Dental School Application Seminar

03 November 2023

 The 16th Annual UK Medical and Dental Application Seminar was co-hosted by the Korean UK Medical Association (KUMA)  & Korean UK Medical Association Students (KUMAS) and took place in the Korean Embassy this year. Korean medical and dental students and professionals volunteered their time for GCSE and A Level students to draw on their experience.

The 16th National Conference of the UK Medical & Dental School Application Seminar, co-hosted by the Korean UK Medical Association (KUMA) and Korean UK Medical Association - Students (KUMAS), successfully held on 3rd November 2023. The purpose of this event was to offer valuable information and insights to aspiring Korean students about the application process for medical and dental schools in the UK. It also aimed to share diverse perspectives, advice, and personal experiences from individuals at various stages of their journey in the medical or dental field.


Following the event announcement, thankfully, many students and their parents or guardians expressed their interest which resulted in the attendance of more than 86 participants from various regions across the UK.


A range of topics was covered, including overviews of medical and dental school applications, insights into the life of medical students and doctors, guidance on writing a personal statement for medical school applications, gaining work experience, and potential pathways to practice in Korea after becoming a doctor in the UK. The presentations were followed by an interactive Q&A session.

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We would like to extend our gratitude to the  Korean Embassy for providing the space and delicious food; the attendees, sponsors, and the committed doctors and students who volunteered their time and expertise. The resources from this event can be found at the bottom of this page.

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To celebrate the success of this event, Kuma is organising an essay competition with the topic, "What key lessons have you taken away from today's seminar?". This competition provides an opportunity for the winners to have their work published in the Korea Herald Newspaper. So, don't miss this valuable chance!


Dr Suyun Kim

Social Media Officer


Please find PDFs for Medical & Dental School Applications:

Q&A - To be uploaded

Essay Competition

Deadline: 17th November 2023

Winner of the Essay Prize

This Essay was published in the Haninherald Newspaper

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