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Academic Seminar

22 April 2023

This event offers a series of academic seminars and practical sessions tailored for medical students. It provides a platform for KUMA members to participate in teaching opportunities, as well as foster connections between senior members of KUMA including alumni, to engage together.  The seminar takes place in the morning of the Health Awareness Day, in collaboration with our student division, KUMAS.

As part of KUMA's ongoing mission to support Korean doctors within the UK, we hosted the first academic seminar in 2022. We bring together the expertise and experience of senior doctors and consultants within KUMA and provide a space for those in earlier stages of career (including medical students) to seek guidance and support for ongoing career development.


This year the seminar included various talks from different specialty consultants introducing their specialty as well as a rundown of the specialty application process including details on required postgraduate exams that need to be taken. This was then followed by small group teaching sessions on medical exam revision as well as practical sessions on suturing led by our very own senior colleagues within KUMA.


Our seminar was well received and we continue to run the seminar for our medical students and juniors on an annual basis alongside our flagship Health Awareness Day event.

KUMA commitee Minho_edited.jpg

Dr Minho Lee

Academic Officer

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